Helen g .morning first time joining the conversation today i list my husband kev 7 weeks ago but have been reading messages for about 5 weeks i am so inspired but what i read and how it helps so much in the grieving process


Welcome @Sunset2023 and sorry for your loss. Almost 25 weeks on this journey for me. I lost my husband in April also to cancer. That was very quick for your husband and you must be in total shock I have found this forum a huge help and still do. There’s always someone here if you want to chat or rant. The grief does get easier to cope with in time. It still hurts massively and I still have bad days. But it’s not so all consuming as the earlier days and weeks. I find keeping busy helps. Take care

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I remember those early weeks, which I think I spent in a state of shock and disbelief. I am now about 7 months down the line. I still miss him greatly and have bad days but after a while you sort of adjust, well you have to! As my husband would have said this is now your “new normal”. I don’t like it as all on my own now even though I have many friends there’s still that one person you want/need to talk to. I too try and keep busy but having a problem at the moment as I seem to have sprained my ankle which means I am unable to go out as much. Take care and I found this group so helpful as people here really understand what we’re going through. Gail


Thank u for your words i do have my 3 grandsons 15.12 and 10 ive had them ten years me and kev are special guardians to themwhich does keep me busy but also means they have lost a very very special man too which is so so sad and todays…its pouring down with rain and cold :cold_face:


I am not looking forward to winter and the dark nights . It’s going to make things worse I’m sure . Sorry for your loss … I lost my Dad 8 weeks ago suddenly … feeling very odd adjustment to this sad new life… x