Irrational Guilt feeling

Got through my first Christmas since my wife passed away. It went better than I thought it would. Looking forward to getting back to work though because the loneliness during holiday times & weekends is tough. Do you ever get rid of this ridiculous feeling of guilt that your loved one has gone?


Hi guy sorry for your loss. Losing our soulmate is awful and the guilt we feel will always be with us . I too feel guily . Guilty for making him go to hospital, Guilty for telling him he would be ok, Guilty for leaving him in there care and them not giving a toss . He went in hospital scared but i told him he would be fine only for them to finish him off. I hate them all for taking away my kind gentle husband who would help anyone. And for ruining my future and having to lose my home. Sorry for ranting on but i feel so lonely and miss him with all my :heart:. Our lives will never be the same and i miss the life i had.