Is anyone already dealing with depression and had a bereavement?

Been taking meds for dep 2 yrs, ups & downs still but lost my grandad over Christmas & really struggling. Sat & watched him pass away gradually over 3 days. Funeral tomorrow. Family have been amazing but still feel so alone.

Hi Danni and welcome to our community. I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandad, but I’m sure he was grateful for you being by his side in his final days.

While you wait for other replies, you might find it helpful to read and reply to some of the other conversations in the ‘Coping with Bereavement’ section. Because of your history with depression, you might feel like you’d like to talk to someone about this and your bereavement - there is a post here with some helpline phone numbers available over the holiday period should you feel you need them

I do hope the funeral went as well as it could today - take care.

Hi Danni. Im in a similar position. Been on anti depressants for 3 years after my sister took a massive stroke which left her in a wheelchair with severe brain damage. At the start of December this year my mum passed away and a few days later her only brother in Dublin passed away. Two funerals for siblings in one week.

Trying to keep it all together for the kids and went back to work after a week. Husband is a total rock for me but feel I’m sinking.

Think I’ll need to see the doctor again in the New Year to reveiw my meds and would suggest you might want to do this too.

Dealing with depression is tough but thrpw something else this big at it too and you really need the extra support.

Take care and know you are not alone.


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