Is anyone here from Ukraine

Hello everybody,just wondering if anyone here is from Ukraine?the holidays are closer and closer and it’s getting harder and harder…

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Hi Oxana,

I am not Ukrainian but hope you do not mind me responding.

Yes, this is an extremely difficult time of year for me as well (as I think it is for many on this forum). Aside from the media and commercial pressure to be “happy” and have “the perfect Christmas” etc etc which I find loathsome, this period also encompasses very difficult anniversaries.

So I understand what you are saying.

Best wishes to you and I hope you find some moments of calm and comfort.


Thank you for your kind words.
I just don’t understand how to make a peace with myself in my head with all of this.not now not ever.
Whatever I tell myself nothing seems to be working
Hugs to you


Thank you.

Yup. I know what you mean.

I have been and continue to struggle with this. Come January it will be two years since my gorgeous wife Christine died.

Sadly, just because you kind of have these rational conversations with yourself that seek to make some sense of what has happened and as you say “to make peace”, does not “make it so”. Of if only that were true!

This sadness, aloneness and downright horror is not really rational in nature I feel. Rather, for want of a better expression, it is an affliction of the heart and as such rationality/reason will not help. Any more than, to my mind, rationality provides an explanation for the love we felt in the first place.

Best wishes and hugs to you.

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