Is it only me?!.....

Is it only me who forgets that my mum has passed? Is it only me who still gets ready for her, waiting on her picking me up at 9 every morn? Is it only me who still asks her opinion on the dress Im going to buy?

I’m sure you are not. I just don’t think we feel the reality of what has happened all in one go. Take care xx

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No Theresa it’s not only you. I find myself expecting to hear the key in the door, or my wife’s voice calling to a neighbour. The brain functions in strange ways when under stress. I find mornings very difficult. I don’t know how long since you mum passed, but however long it takes just allow the process to happen. It’s often heart breaking but we do need to soldier on if only for others. When I am asked now if I’m ok I just say, yeah, fine. I don’t want others to feel sad by me unloading onto them
This is the place to do that, because we all know and understand. Take care and take it day by day or even hour by hour. You can do no more than that.

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Hey jonathon, thanks so much…i think ur right. I sometimes dont like unloading, .