Is this for me???

I really don’t know if this sort of thing is for me or not but i suppose you have to give things a go. My beloved Jackie passed in Dec 2021 from cancer and I continue to grieve and go through all manner of emotions.
Although i have plenty of family,i cant talk to them,like the foolish man i am,i just keep things locked up inside and suffer in silence.
Perhaps I’ll find some sort of answers,comfort and solice here ???


@Nick01536 I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear wife. I don’t think it helps to bottle up the emotional pain which follows such a horrendous event. I lost my wife in October. On occasion I get overwhelmed or require my own space for reflection and rather than trying to bottle things up I take time out by myself to let the grief flow. I find this releases a lot of tension. There is no timetable for grief and we all grieve in our own ways but no one judges here. We are all in the same boat. I think you will find chatting here helps because you can say what you feel and you will find you are not alone. There are many threads to explore and others experiences give us insights into our own feelings. You will find support here.


Hi Nick,
I am sorry that your wife has died. I lost my husband so I know how much it hurts. I was able to talk to my family but. I didn’t tell them everything I was feeling (why add to their grief?) but I think they realised.
I think you are wise to try to involve your family but I agree with Mike75 that you will get a lot of comfort and help here on this site.
It’s nearly three years for me now and, although I don’t often post, I still go on here frequently to see how things are going, or if I hit a bad patch.
Everyone is different and I wouldn’t dream of telling you what to do. What I will say is, when my husband died, I thought my life would never be enjoyable again. I will never get used to being without him, he was a dream to live with, but I am lucky enough to have family and their presence in itself has kept me going. I am actually starting to enjoy things again, and I have actually got the enthusiasm to have work done in the house. Three years ago, I would have never thought that would be possible, or that I would care!
So, in a nutshell, whilst it is almost unbearable, life does go on and after a while, you learn to go with it. I wish you peace and happy memories. Hugs, Ann


grief counseling helped for me. furthermore, they are trained to respond correctly and appropriately to a grieving person. you hold it inside perhaps to protect your tender feelings.