Is what I’m feeling right?

My Dad died on 10th March 2019 (aged 85) after a long battle with cancer. He had been in and out of hospital multiple times in the last few months of his life. We managed to get him home for the last 4 days. I realise it’s only been 6 days, but emotionally I am all over the place, crying enexpectedly and just going through the motions. No one else in my family seems to be experiencing this, even my Mum. Is there anyone else going through the same situation.

Hi sues, I sorry for your loss.
It’s normal. I lost mum last year and it’s hard. Iv just joined this to help make sense of my emotions. Take each day as it comes. Talk to people it helps. People cope in different ways.

Thanks Kym, I just feel numb at the moment, keep crying and have a fluttery feeling in my stomach all the time. Doctor has signed me off work, and am due to speak to a councellor on Friday. Difficult to explain to other people how you feel though as everyone copes differently I suppose. Sues

It’s hard I can relate, cryed five days out of seven last week. Waiting on a date for counselling. Mothers day coming up. Am struggling but just keep going.

Thinking of you, it’s tough isn’t it? How old was your Mum when she died? Although itl doesn’t really matter what the age is, it’s the loss x