Hi I’m struggling I lost my partner on 12th off may this year and have anxiety and panic attacks I just can’t seem too cry anymore as crying helps but it’s just not happening and that makes it worse I long for him so much and I’m so lost without him I live alone and have no support at all just hate feeling like this

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Dear Isabell123

I am sorry that you are on this same dreadful journey and having to deal with it alone. I am twelve months on. The anxiety is still there, the panic attacks (for now) have subsided. I can’t advise with regard to how this effects us in terms of expressing our emotions. I think perhaps grief hits us in waves and causes different emotions to swell up. Can I suggest that you speak with your GP and see if there is any counselling available through that route. I know that they can escalate individual cases through the NHS. I went through Cruse but the six sessions only started nine months after the loss of my husband. Of course you can ring the Cruse Helpline during the day and speak to someone.

Keep posting also. If you go into the different topics you can read what others are posting and also comment and share your feelings and thoughts. People are very supportive even though they are going through the same pain.

Take care.
Sheila x

Thank u Sheila I’ve did all this and it’s not easy and covid isn’t helping as it’s realy hard too get counciling because off it I just long for him so much and feel so lost without him I just want too be me again and be happy people say it will happen but I feel so lost without him x

Isabell, I really feel for you. I lost my husband on 2nd July and I know how you feel when you describe longing for him. I feel the same. You sound as though you are in the depths of despair. Is there anyone at all you can talk to? I have found being with people and talking to them helps. It often triggers tears and that may be the key for you. It is hard because people tend to leave us alone after the initial few weeks and it is difficult to make the effort to contact others when we are feeling so down. Keep posting on here for support.

Hi Judy yeah I’m in total despair I haven’t got a big family so don’t see much off them they all seem too disapeare after a month and funeral I long for him so much I miss his jokes his laughter and not being there for me everything’s a challenge I just hope it gets better all I see is sadness and hurt I’ve just not got the suport I need so much I’m sorry for your loss u must me feeling the same as me it’s a long hard journey for us xx