It’s been a realy hard day today still struggling and still yearning for my partner when will this get easier it’s 5 month now I’m on deppresion tabs but only been on them 2 days still longing for him just want too be happy again

Hi Isabell, I am sorry to hear that your partner has gone and you are feeling the pain of grief, it’s hard and until it happens to us, individual, we have no idea of the pain and the loneliness. I am pleased you have found this site because everyone on here knows what you are going through and appreciates the position you are in. It does get better because we learn to accept our new life and you can begin to see the future but it’s just not the one you had planned or imagined. The depression is part of the process and for me talking to a counsellor was better then the pills which just made me feel ‘dull and half died’ and they ended up in the toilet. So, yes, please look at counselling, Sue Ryder and Cruse both offer a free service. It takes time and energy to overcome grief but you will get there. Take small baby steps and be proud of the way you are dealing with each day. S xx

I’m sorry for your loss, It’s so unbelievable that you’ll never see them again that’s something I can’t get my head around, it all happened very fast for me and I’m near three months without my husband, I can’t explain how I feel when people ask it’s like being in a vacuum, how are you supposed to feel ? Why would they ask me even ? It’s all so mixed up every day is different, my gp offered me antidepressants but I said surely this is how I should be feeling, I’ve just lost my husband, there’s no avoiding the pain but it’s because we loved so much and we were loved back so much which I would rather have than never knowing such love, be kind to yourself, it’s ok to feel however you feel, we’re all in the same dreadful place here so you’re not alone sending lots of love and hugs xx

Hi ano it’s heart breaking I feel so lost without him I feel as if I’ve no purpose anymore I struggle too do any thing I’m not me and have anxiety and panic attacks I do hope it gets easier so heartbroken

Hi I think the anxiety and panic comes with the grief, it’s so overwhelming but it’s the worst thing ever to happen to us so it’s not surprising, I feel the panic is bubbling inside me and it frightens me that it may suddenly come out, the only thing that gives me a little comfort is the poem if tomorrow starts without me on YouTube because it’s as if my husband is talking to me and even though it makes me cry somehow it helps, I always listen before I go to bed, it’s anything that offers you comfort, I find even being with other people I’m still lonely because they don’t understand, the misery is always with me and grief is so unpredictable, I don’t care that I’m not good company anymore I just want to sit and think of us and what we had and that’s ok, each day as it comes, we’re both early on in our grief so we can’t expect too much, thinking of you and everyone else xx

Isabell123 I k ow exactly what you mean all purpose in life has gone,I just keep breaking down, struggling to eat,don’t want to cook now my husband isn’t here to enjoy it,heartbreak is a physical pain,always enjoyed looking after our home,doesn’t matter now.

Yeah its hard I just long for him even though I know I know he’s dead my life is nothing without him I can’t even cry anymore and that makesworse it cause crying makes me feel better I’m so much struggling with anxiety and panic attacks just hope it gets better for us x

Excactly it’s horrible I can’t eat the anxiety and panic attacks is causing nausea I am gagging on food but I know I’ve lost a stone in weight and I can’t even cry anymore and it makes it worse as I want too release my emotions

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Another heartbreaking day,I hate getting upI feel sick knowing my husband isn’t downstairs he was always up before me,My hearts pounding I’m so unhappy don’t want to start another torturous day

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Hi I realy do know wot your going through I’m the same finding it a struggle too move faward can’t get him out off my head I don’t eat I’ve lost a stone in weight it’s horrible xx

Isabell,Know how you feel,Im the same also finding it hard to eatI know I look awful after losing so much weight but I don’t family say you have to eat but it’s to hard,used to enjoy cooking when Steve was here he always appreciated his meal,now I just can’t . I’m still in bed will have to force myself to start another heartbreaking day without him,

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Hi oh I k now it’s torture I’m just exciting I struggle every minute of the day and night i can’t even lie in my own bed Ii lye on sofa just can’t handle going in too our bedroom it hurts so much I haven’t got a big family so I’m on my own a lot can’t face going back too work don’t think I can handle it anymore I’m on ssp just now I’ve lost all my security just feel hopeless can’t thing straight struggle too move myself can’t even connect too my own grandchild he was born 3 month after my partner passed I’m here if u ever want too chat it’s a long journey for us just keep talking on here I’m here you u always take care xx

Thankyou Isabell,it does help getting our feelings out on here,so many of us suffering with this pain of grief,it feels so physically,it’s been nearly 3 weeks since Steve passed away after being on critical care after a massive operation,for 4 weeks,kept having hope until doctors told us nothing more to be done,that’s when my life also ended,Steve loved life x

It’s hard my Stephen loved life too he went suddenly with a heart attack I was at work and found him at side off bed on floor when I got home still finding it hard too believe that I’m not gony see him anymore he was ok that morning when I left for work saw me too the door phoned me too make sure I was ok at work how your life can change in one day it’s horrendous I miss him so much my anxiety and panic attacks are horrible just one step at a time it’s still realy early for us so wee just hope that wee can get through this I feel as if i take one step faward and 3 steps back :heart:

Any one else deeply depressed lost my partner 6 month ago just don’t know how am gony get through this

I know how you feel lost my husband 7 weeks ago feeling sick with despair,absolutely devastated couldn’t sleep again last night but don’t want to get out of bed,the grief is so painful don’t know how to get through this it’s torture

Look after yourself x