Its the hardest thing to lose one parent to lose both is the worst, the world is different , my world has changed forever, its emptier, I go to lift the phone or text to ask mum something and then realise I can’t, the people who have always been here and knew me the best and the longest have gone forever, it feels bleak, everyones life carries on normally where mine had changed and the life I had always known has finished forever its the hardest and the most painful thing I have ever experienced even after losing dad, I still had my mum and now I don’t and never will again… I held her hand and watched her struggle and fight to stay with me and it broke my heart…


oh poor thing! I am sitting here mourning, too. you are not alone in these sad hard feelings.

I was an only child and my mom and dad were so important to me.

it is the worst adjustment … not having them … devoted parents who nourish in so many ways, even in just talking. I see a counselor to see if there is some way for me to improve things so they are not so empty … not sure if that is even possible but try.

try to find something in life you might enjoy they would hope for you to.


Life is so unfair. So so so unfair. This is heartbreaking. We all are in pain. My mom passed away only at the age of 58. She was fit and no ailments. I cry everyday. I used to talk to her everyday. Now I feel so lost. I can understand. It’s a pain which is unbearable and there is no option but to suffer. Life sucks. I don’t have any positivity left in my life.
But please take care of yourself. I keep saying it to myself and others. - you are your mom’s DNA. She made you. Take care of yourself only for her and your dad.


I feel your pain. I lost my mum and she was a single parent so I am now alone in this world and it sucks beyond belief. My mum was my best friend and only 64, I thought I would have years more with her

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My mum died in February. I have 2 sisters, but one I have a difficult relationship with, and the other one isn’t great at contact. I feel like I’ve lost all family. I have a supportive boyfriend, but I have no children. My two closest friends dumped me during COVID and my mum’s illness. I get so scared and lonely sometimes.


I too have found since losing my mum that I feel so alone and isolated, the people I thought would be there for me and thought would be caring just haven’t been , so I just feel even worse … its pants and just makes each day even harder to bear …sorry you are going through this too x


I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this awful experience too. It’s hard to understand how people can be so shallow really. I feel like it’s ended those friendships, because I feel so hurt and bitter towards them, I can’t turn the page over again. I’ve got no advice really, but know you’re not alone. As everybody says, it’s just a matter of taking it a day at a time. Hugs xx


I have found that since losing mum, especially after the funeral I don’t hear from anyone anymore. I’ve never felt more alone than I do now. It’s horrible and it makes it worse. The last thing I want right now is to be alone.



yes I sadly have found the same thing a lot of people keeping away and not bothering , on top of the isolation and loss it just make sit all so much worse - I guess you find out who true friends are at an awful time like this - sorry you are going through this too xx


So sorry you’re going through this too. It’s really hard facing abandonment by people you thought were your friends, on top of losing your parent. Hope it helps to know you’re not alone. Hugs X

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