My wife died 5 year’s ago I thought I had the support of my daughter, but her husband is very controlling and almost two years ago they cut contact with me.
So how do I keep going? Approaching 81 I have several voluntary jobs, including leading walking group’s.
Grief even after almost five years comes in wave’s. Fortunately my volunteering keeps me in contact with people, but no one can ever replace my lovely wife, the fact that I can’t now call on daughter for help. The nights can be very lonely.


Hi Robbie, I’m so sorry you feel so alone, have you tried writing to your daughter to tell her how you feel and that you miss her and would love to get back in contact again, it’s always good to keep the lines of communication open, , it’s great to hear about the volunteering that you do, but that doesn’t help the loneliness when you are at home, sending hugs Jude x

I do own my home, and don’t want to move away. Just wish I could understand why they have acted how they have.

Hi Robbie
Can I firstly congratulate you on making a life for yourself. Its not easy. I am also a keen walker/Rambler and know the benefits and how it helps and keeps us in contact with the outside world. I am also in a similar situation and my daughter who seems to have forgotten I exist now although she was supportive for the first three months. She then returned to her home in Spain. I am not the sort of person that likes asking for support so I have accepted her decision. My husband had two daughters and they have made no contact since his funeral three years ago. I have written and telephoned asking them what has caused this rift although everything was fine before. I have received no reply or explanation. I have now cut them out of my life and my will. I can manage without them and do not suffer from loneliness that often nowadays as I have my two loving companions. My dogs.
As advised you could try explaining how you feel to your daughter as I might do with mine and give it another go.
The forum is full of situations like this I’m afraid. But you could try writing to any of the forum members who will be pleased to reply I am sure.
Good luck to you.
Pat xx