Hi has any one yearn for their dead partner I’m longing for him so much it’s killing me it’s been 4 month now does this get any better x

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Hi l wish it would as I lost my partner 3 months ago all l know is my sister lost her partner 6 years ago and she says put a picture of that person in your mind and think of the good times together.
But to be honest try to keep your self active in life and get closer to your family or friends as they will help.
More in important don’t let yourself go down hill.
We are new to this game and I know its hard but I come back home to a empty home and it is hard but your situation might be different.
Keep in touch Bill

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Hi Bill I haven’t got a big family I have no friends I only have 2 sisters and one has health problems I miss him so much I stay myself and just feel lost without him it’s a challenge too do anything

Hi issbell thank you for coming back the two sisters you have do you have a bond with any of them and do they live close to you.
Some times it’s nice to talk to them on your phone .
I cared for my partner for last 4 years she had cancer losing her was a massive loss because I miss caring for her because I love her so much.
Now I visit daily to where she laid to rest and talk and try to sing her favourite song .I no it sounds mad but it not I get comfort to see her and she’d a tear.
I know it’s challenging but please continue as we may be able to help each other Bill xx

@Isabell123 @Bill1234 hello isabell hello Bill I am so very sorry for your loss It will be 6 months for me next week since I lost my soulmate pauline I still yearn and long for her everyday but I keep going because she would want me to and we have a dog and 2 cats who need me and I need them just as much we didn’t really socialise as all we needed was eachother so it’s just me and our pets now all we can do is keep trying and they are always with us we carry them in our hearts thoughts and memories and we were blessed to have found our soulmates I hope we can all find some moments of peace and navigate our way through this heartbreaking journey of grief keep posting on here you will find support we all try to help eachother as best as we can stay safe take care x

Hi cassey we also at one time have pets there names where penny and Minnie both jack Russell dogs. I have to admit that they were great company and friends.
We both decided when they passed away we would later on in life have more when retired from work.
But I may get a pet due to current situation and bring back some memories

Yeah I do have a bond with them but since my partner died suddenly they’re not the same I think I’m a burden too them now cause I’m not the same person I was they just seem too be different now

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Hi issbell
Maybe we should talk I am willing too as it may help us both we both seem to cope with life as if nobody else understands what life is when that special one is no longer there.
This is something which I had not planned in life and find difficult to cope with.
Let me know Bill xx

Hi Bill I’m just struggling a lot it’s 5 mo th now and I don’t know how too move faward without him he was my life and I don’t want too do anything I’m in total despair and just wish I could feel better

I know I feel the same my partner passed away in July her name was Pauline it’s early days for both of us.
I feel better just texting to you I feel I’m am not alone.
What was his name

His name was Stephen bill I was at work when he died it was sudden heart attack I so much miss him just feel lost without him I found him on floor when I got home I struggle with this everyday I just want too be me again but I just feel as if I’m getting worse it’s a hard journey grief

I am so sorry I know the shock you feel not to be there.
I was by Pauline’s beside at hospital and only allowed to see her at the end due to covid restrictions. She had breast cancer. But it was strange she was not the same as they given her morphine so there was no communication and I couldn’t say how much I loved her and to witness her final minutes was the worst experience of my life.
So you are not alone
I will talk more tomorrow if you want me too issbell xx

Yeah that be nice x

Thank you have a good night sleep issbell talk more tomorrow just watching Angela Black xxx

Hi @Isabell123
I loss my Marti 13 Jan 2021 to COVID, he was only 56.
I still yearn for him a lot, we always will as our loved one was our soulmate. I have days where I cope and days that are really difficult, this is how life will be and for others too. I keep busy everyday, but the evenings are difficult on my own, I have a puppy so take her out for walks every day and I chat to other dog owners, I work, go swimming, pilates classes on my own, I have to be out of the house or I would be sitting at home consumed by grief, I have to stay busy as I can’t stand the daily pain its unbearable, I find keeping busy helps to focus on what I’m doing. You will in time I hope find your coping methods. Please see your GP as they can offer you support.
Keep posting on here, I’m so sorry for your loss, your not alone, there is so many of us on here livingvthis nightmare.
Sending you hugs
Amy x

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Hi Issbell
You OK today its been lovely talking to you yesterday being busy at work helps me to carry on and working colleagues to chat to.
I work double days in toolmaking industry.
It’s a good career which has given me and Pauline a good life its sad that has changed.
I hope you’re employment helps you in some ways let me know Bill xx

@Bill1234 hi Bill sorry for the late reply I didn’t get the notification it definitely helps having the pets cute names I had a jack Russel many years ago my dog cara is a staffy cross she is 13 and beautiful so loving she loves cuddles I’m often around if you want to chat

Hi casey
The best advice I can can give people like us is keep your self active in life ie work, home and spend more time with families and friends with out being a burden .
I wish I had a magic wand and bring back my Pauline but always remember that no one lives for ever and I am sure that if I went before Pauline I am sure that she would be in a far worse state than me and I would dred that thought.
I agree that dogs are a man’s best friend and are always loyal Billy xx