It feels like everything good in this world is disappearing…

Everywhere I look, all things dear to me are disappearing. First and foremost my dearly loved one. How am I going to feel the gap you have left?

Then all the things we used to enjoy together, the latest being Mock the Week. The BBC has a peculiar idea as to what good programming is.

Tomorrow I have a breast exam that I am not looking forward to. What am I going to do if anything shows up? Who do I turn to?

God, life is awful right now …


@SSTC22 hi I am so very sorry for the heartbreak you are going through. Pauline used to like watching mock the week . I still can’t watch things we used to watch together. I wish you well for tomorrow. You have friends on here and people who understand and are there for you. You can message me anytime. You are not alone and my thoughts will be with you tomorrow. Take care sending hugs xxx

So sorry you are going through this .

It’s one of my biggest fear, what if I get something really wrong? Where’s my “crutch” , scary .

I know what you mean about losing the crutch you are so used to learning on.
I hope your examination is okay for you tomorrow, it’s not very nice I had to have a biopsy several years ago, still had Doug with me for moral support.
Now I’m waiting for a gynecologist appointment, I know my daughter is supporting me but it’s not the same as a husband.
I only found out yesterday that mock the week is being cancelled, I’m gutted programmes like this make me laugh.
Thinking if you tomorrow and sending love
Debbie X