It feels so so wrong

I have had to take my wedding, engagement and eternity rings off due to some kind of allergic reaction to a washing up liquid . It feels so wrong not to have them on . Rob used to say to me in the past if I had to take my rings off “ why does it bother you I don’t bother me, it wouldn’t bother me if you never wore them again”
I don’t know why it just doesn’t feel right to me not to have them on so as soon as this allergy is healed they are going straight back on


Dear @Kazzer

The rings are a symbol of which binds a couple together and I think that is why it does not feel right when the rings are off.

On a positive note if this helps you, better to have taken them off than have them cut off which would be far worse for you. I know friends who have had this happen and it is not the same replacing or having the rings repaired.

Hope your allergy heals quickly and your rings will soon be back on your finger.

Take care.


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Pepsi thank you and I agree best to take them off so that in time they can be put back on . I’m a carer and I think it’s a mixture of soap sanitizer etc I’m sure it will calm down with a bit of TLC and a good moisturiser take care Karen


I had someone ask me why I still wear my wedding ring now Jim’s gone. I told them that as far as I’m concerned I’m still his wife and always will be. Bloody cheek.


It is 3 months today since my wife suddenly passed away. Not only do l still wear my wedding ring l also wear my wife’s wedding ring next to it on the same finger. This gives me the comfort that we are still physically connected.
My wife will always be my wife. I hate the term widower. I am still her husband.
Take care all.


I hope you can get them on again very soon.

Vancouver Yey Iv got them back on today yopppeeee

I feel same about widow I had to fill forms in and really struggles to write widow. I agree I’m married so I’m going to write that from now on thank you for that