It’s been 5 years and I still can’t stop crying

I lost my mom 5 years ago in March. She had cancer she fought so hard I moved back in with her for the last 6 months of her life to care for her. She was my best friend my biggest supporter my whole world. She’s gone and sometimes the pain washes over me and I just can’t believe I have to live the rest of my life with out her. My fiancé is very understanding I have a good support system but even though they have NEVER EVER said this to me I just feel like people are tired of my crying as much as I do. I’ve tried counseling, antidepressants, church, prayer, memories, anything and everything you can google to help and I just can’t shake the loss. I know she’d want me to be happy and I know she’s pain free and always with me but I’m so selfish I miss her here physically with me I miss her voice her laugh her hugs . I am getting married in November and last night was my engagement party I had a great time and then it hit me she wasn’t here and I’ve been crying all day now. I just came believe she’s gone and I’ll never see her on Earth ever again.

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Hi Clh, I don’t think we ever stop missing our Mum, in most cases she was the the most important person in our lives, loved us forever and always there to support us through the good and the bad times, getting married is one of life’s milestones and of course you wish she that she is still here to share it all with you, it’s normal, try and enjoy all the build up and the day, she would hate for you not to, sending love Jude xx

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I just came in the group to try to find some sense in how I’m feeling and your post sums it up exactly. I lost my mum just 2 months ago and she was my best friend too and I’m feelings are exactly the same as yours. I don’t know if it helps to know what you are feeling is perfectly normal. Someone said to me, the more you live the harder you grieve? I wouldn’t give up any of the love we shared so somehow I’ve got to work my way through this pain and find a future where her memories fill void. Like yours, my mum would want me to find happiness again but I do so miss her. I hope you find your way to finding happiness again especially with your wedding.


Hello clh507 x sorry for your loss, my mum passed away last July. I thought by now things might be getting easier but they aren’t. I cry all the time, . Am exhausted feeling like this all the time. Sometimes I just think what’s the point. as have not felt happy since I lost her.