It’s been a week now

Dearest Penny,
It’s been a week.
Vince and I still don’t undertand where they all were. Your family and friends.
Today, or was it yesterday, or even the day before, I gave you the almond seed to represent my promise. It hasn’t escaped me, and I hope I fulfilled it.
You simply asked me not to let you die alone.
We know so much, but you you were never left alone since you admitted it, and I was with you at the end.
I’m not sure how I’m going to cope without your future advice, but I gave you the almond seed today, or was it yesterday, or the day before?
Your family are talking about cars. Your executors seem piffed.
I hope all I did was enough and you found Innisfree.
All my love darling,
Chris and Vince


Hi @Classixuk,

Reading this made me feel your sadness. It is a beautiful, poignant tribute to Penny.

I’m sure Penny found Innisfree. At my husband’s funeral 8 months ago we played the theme from Harry’s Game at the start of the service. There was just 3 of us there, because of COVID and social distancing.

I gave the oration because Jim was an agnostic, but I felt as I spoke I was talking to him.

I’m now the sole executor of his will, which in a way makes things easier, but also more complex.

My thoughts go out to you.

Christie xxx

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Hello Chris and Vince, that is really lovely but also heartbreaking. I been there at the end for a number of people and always felt it was a privilege and more so if I didn’t know them. My mother was terrified that she would be alone and made me promise to be there, which I was, sad but necessary and also comforting to know you have done what the person wanted.
For those left behind it’s the start of another journey which doesn’t have an end. Blessings to you both. Sxxx

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Christie, my thoughts are with you and I know how difficult doing the paperwork is including probate. It all seems to sap your strength and somedays patience. You will get through it and then be proud of yourself for what you have achieved, I think it makes us more resilient. Well, I can only hope so. Be careful because you are very vulnerable at this time. Sxxx