It’s really tough

I don’t know where to begin. I lost my aunt last February from illness she was sick for a while but it hit me really hard she was like a granny to me. We buried her on my birthday, it was getting better I wasn’t getting as many flash backs of her lying there in hospital in the last few day but they’ve started to come back again. I lost another auntie in mid May and that to was a shock I’ve coped with it better. It wasn’t to bad until the end of November there was a farm accident and my uncle died due to his injuries. It’s hit the whole family really hard and I’m trying to stay strong for them all and look after my cousins and make sure there coping as best they can. I miss them all and my aunties death feels like it was yesterday it hurts and I didn’t know what else to do so I thought I’d say it here and maybe someone could help me cope a little.
Thank you xx

Hello Stars 23. So sorry to hear about your losses. Your post suggests that you are trying to support yourself and everyone else. Your feelings are still very raw and the feeling can be overwhelming.
Cry if you need to and if you can talk your feelings out with someone so that you get some relief then please do so. Maybe counselling would be a help.
Take each day as it comes. Nurture yourself, and keep posting here as you will find lots of people willing to share your grief.
Sending love. x

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Thank you Jean xox