It’s the little things

I went to B&M today, picked up some fat balls for the birds, as you do. The went to get a second box for my mum who passed away 3 months ago.
It’s the little things, sometimes you forget they aren’t there anymore, walking around B&M trying not to cry when I walk straight into Christmas!
My mum loved Christmas and would have had a field day in there.
It is slowly getting easier but some days it just hits hard, mainly because of things like blummin fat balls!


Hi @Steph73
My Dad passed away in January and I keep doing the same for him. He loved sweet treats and I keep going to get one for him when I’m shopping and then I remember. Its worse now its Christmas, there are treats that he would have loved all over. I nearly started crying in Aldi the other week cos I saw Christmas fudge!
Take care
Vicy x


It’s hard isn’t it just the little things. I can’t look at humbugs at the moment :wink:

@Steph73 In his last few years my dad use to always have some sherbert lemon sweets in his pocket or around the house. I now buy the same ones when I see them and keep them in my bag. I find it strangely comforting but anything else he use to like upsets me at the thought of him not having it again x

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I lost my dad unexpectedly 3 months ago, we were so close like best friends, when my phone connects to my car it always shows on the screen my ‘favourites’ of mostly called and messaged and it’s ‘Dad’ then ‘dad home’ Something happens and I go oh I’ll just ring dad, like a punch in the face! Grief is so strange isn’t it, never experienced grief on this level, I can be fine, then on the floor again!


You Don’t Just Lose Someone Once
You lose them over and over,
sometimes many times a day.
When the loss, momentarily forgotten,
creeps up,
and attacks you from behind.
Fresh waves of grief as the realisation hits home,
they are gone.

You don’t just lose someone once,
you lose them every time you open your eyes to a new dawn,
and as you awaken,
so does your memory,
so does the jolting bolt of lightning that rips into your heart,
they are gone.

Losing someone is a journey,
not a one-off.
There is no end to the loss,
there is only a learned skill on how to stay afloat,
when it washes over.

Be kind to those who are sailing this stormy sea,
they have a journey ahead of them,
and a daily shock to the system each time they realise,
they are gone,

You don’t just lose someone once,
you lose them every day,
for a lifetime.

Credit: Donna Ashworth


Sending lots of hugs x

Oh my days , i know exactly what you mean , i cry or tear up nearly every time i go shopping , today i saw a lady selling home made christmas cards and went to get one for my mum , realised and wanted to scream :sleepy: much love sent to you

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It’s going to be hard this Christmas xx

It is love , im dreading it a bit ,how about you

I am determined to have Christmas, it will be different but time for NEW traditions maybe.
Christmas was so focused around my mum it will be hard and there will be tears. I work in a Nursery I can’t really get away from it.

I know exactly this feeling . I lost my mum 5 weeks ago and all the shops we use to go I find myself aimlessly wondering around sometimes in tears looking at the things I know she use to love buying . It’s heeartbreaking and I’m dreading my first Xmas without her . I don’t know how I will ever move on without her x