It seems to get harder as we approach Christmas

It’ll be 5 months since I lost my lovely wife of 40 wonderful years,I’ll be glad when Christmas is over,it’s just so difficult without her,this will be the first Christmas without Her by my side,I just hope we can all get through it without our love one’s take care out there .
Mike X

I too lost my husband to cancer this year, there seems to be so many of us effected by cancer, I will be glad when Christmas is over, I’m just going through the motions a bit like a robot, seems to help if I don’t think too much.

I lost my husband to cancer five months ago too and I can’t describe the pain and emptiness that’s inside of me it’s such a feeling of dispare and loneliness, I am absolutely dredging Christmas I really don’t know how I’m going to cope without him by my side, I’ve done Christmas round mine for 45 years and remember moaning last year saying oh how I wish I could go round someone’s and they cook me the dinner, well I could scream at the god above for giving me my wish, I’m going round my sister in laws didn’t want too wanted to hide in bed all day but the kids and sisters were getting worried about me so can’t spoil it for them so gave in, just hope I can keep it together till I get home ,
Take care xxxx

I lost my partner to cancer on the 26th last month…totally lost and also dreading Xmas…
Heartbreaking to read other peoples losses…
Would just like to send on my best and hope we all get through it together…
Steve x

I lost my Husband to cancer 5 months ago . It is still so. Rey hard as it was very quick only 4.5 months from diagnosis . Yesterday was a year from when he had a spot removed from his big toe then it all went downhill from there . I can’t cope with anything Christmas so there are no cards or decs in my house or in those of my daughters . How can I celebrate when my heart is breaking inside . I too turn Christmas songs off when on the radio . It all sounds a bit bah humbug but it’s the only way I can get through this time . The whole family are going to Jamaica on Xmas eve on holiday for two weeks . So I know I will be away from all things jolly soon and be with my beloved kids and grandchildren . We were married 47 years and celebrated Christmas with our family for every one . I wish we could turn back time

It’s also 5 months since Dave was taken from the, we loved Christmas, but this year I feel nothing, just wish it was over with, I feel worse now than I ever thought possible, people say eventually it will get easier, really can’t see that at the moment


So painful for us all to lose the love of our life but it all seems so worse now Christmas is upon us I’ve put a tree up as my son wanted it for his kids but no decorations and not even sent cars hate to hear Christmas sons and people celebrating it’s all too much god bless them all until we meet again

So sorry for your loss, my husband went to doctors after I nagged him on the 13 may and he died of cancer on the 3 July six short weeks still can’t get my head round it, cancer really is sh** take care xx

So so sorry for your loss too Linda that was very quick . This time last year we were oblivious to the pain we were going to go through it’s unbelievable . Cancer is such a foul disease and does not discriminate young old or inbetween . My husband was just 66 and he died the day after my 65th birthday we had only retired a year ! Joining this forum and writing foam your thoughts and feelings does help . I also started speaking by telephone every week to a lovely lady who lost her husband two weeks after me . We listen to each other and are always at the end of the phone . We can say things that we wouldn’t say to our
families and can admit to each other that we cry every day . We are from different areas of UK but will meet up one day . This support for each other is so important . So if you have the chance to connect with someone on here then take it . X