It was so special

I have been missing my rob more than words can say ( don’t we all miss out loved ones) but I just wanted to share this .
As I slept I felt the covers being pulled around me and when I turned over there was my rob and he gave me the biggest hug ( just when I needed it) . I was talking to him and holding onto him it was so real. We were chatting away the conversation I can’t remember . So today I feel very uplifted and privileged that he came to visit me in my dream .


That is beautiful thank you so much for sharing I do believe our loved ones are with us in another way and things have happened to me and even they have told me things which later happened! It is comforting to know that the love continues


Thanks for sharing,I miss my husband so much you have given me a little hope that there is something after our heartbreaking loss

Take care

Christine x


Christine38 I am so glad my experience has give you some comfort and hope . I just can’t believe just how real it felt . Take care x x


Aww Kazzer that’s lovely…


Dear Kazzer,

That is absolutely wonderful, to actually turn round and see his face wow.

I have never seen my Peter since he died seven years ago but I do feel him climb into bed and snuggle into my back, but the difference is, I am wide awake and not dreaming, I know I am awake because I get up to use the toilet, come back, put in my eye drops and have a drink of water and get back into bed an immediately it starts to happen, the bed goes down at the side and I lay there waiting for him to snuggle into me. I once put my arm to the back of me to try and touch him but there was nothing there and the feeling went away, so now when it happens, I just lay there and do nothing until it fades away.


Lonely it was absolutely fabulous I had been asking Rob to visit me because I needed to see him and he pulled out all the stops bless him he came to me and hugged me and talked to me I really couldn’t ask for more it really was like I had him back for a night . It was just what I needed .
I hope Pete pulls all the stops out for you because it is what we need . Take care and keep asking one day you might get your wish I hope so . Take care Karen :heart:

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Thank you Karen, no words are spoken when I feel him climb into bed and snuggle into my back, I never turn to look at him as the only time I put my hand behind me to feel him there was nothing there and the experience ended. I do dream about him such a lot but in the dreams we are young and out and about somewhere, once I dreamed we were at a car show and our car was stolen, I remember the car being blue but it was a make of car that we had never owned. Another I dreamed we were at a dance. Since Peter died, my mind is so busy all the time, even sitting down my mind is whirring away. The only time it stops is when I am knitting and following a pattern.

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