Its 1yr since her passing.

My partner of 22yrs lost her battle on 05/05/2022 and i still find it not a bit easier but in a strange way i feel it is effecting more of my physical well being.
If not , it is a big coincidence but i seem i am feeling older as days go by.
I have slept on settee for over 4yrs now and that has played havoc with my back and at moment neck.
I decided to sleep on settee as my partners condition worsened and ever since i dont feel right resting on the bed she passed.
I now have to make (this is a massive step for me to take) a decision and do whats right for me.
I have purchased a octaspring mattress and hope to get the best ,most comfortable sleep ive had in 4yrs.
But nothing runs smoothly for me.
I purchased this at end of march ,not knowing the company was in serious financial difficulty and a mattress i was promised within 28daus will now rwach me mid may.At least they promise i will recieve the item .
Ontop of this i have been told i am anemicand yet i have not recieved any medication to help with this problem.
I need my GP to fast track medication so i can get some energy back and motivate myself in to tidying up my home and myself witch in turn make me feel a bit better about myself and be the dad i was for my son .
I havnt just been a coutch potato but spent time carrying on with my poems .
This is one i wrote lastnight with a year almost up .

The 5th of May
Is a day to pray
for Cheryl we loved
so much,
It breaks my heart to be apart,
hold hands and just
to touch.
To get through that,
I have to combat
dark thoughts that
plague my brain,
many a good memory
like a tonic it would remody
and give help to dull the pain.
What Cheryl liked best on days she could get dressed,
was to walkalong

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Hi Vonde,

Thank you so much for sharing this poem with the community. It is such a lovely way to remember your partner and process how you are feeling :blue_heart:

Anniversaries can be really hard, so doing something like writing a memory poem can help with those feelings. If you’d like to share some of your favourite memories of your partner here, please do.

I hope your bed and medication both get sorted for you soon. Let us know how you get on.

Take good care,
Rhi (Online Community Team)