It's all about Love

Reading the posts on here in all categories highlights one similarity. We all love and miss someone. It just proves that love is the most powerful feeling on the planet and in the end when it is too late we come to that realization. If only we could learn this lesson a lot sooner in life we may all be happier, kinder, and more forgiving to each other. That power is now revealing itself to us in the most painful way when we have lost our loved ones. We can now continue this lesson and show love to each other on this site and help each one of us to heal.


Hi Jean, I totally agree with your sentiments. You have summed it up beautifully. I have been reading these posts for many months and came to the conclusion that I should have been reading them years ago while we were still a happily married couple. It would have intensified my love for her and made me appreciate her all the more. As you say, in the end when it is too late we come to that realisation, but when you’re both happy and healthy you feel it’s never going to end.


Oh Jean what a lovely sentiment. A wise member of the forum said to me recently. All we need is food, drink and love and this is so true. I have been touched since joining this forum just how much love there is around and we never realise it and It’s so sad that once we lose that special person we love them even more.
Your words are so true, we are learning a lesson on true love and we should now show that love, support and understanding to others.
Kind words indeed so thankyou.