It's been 6 weeks since my husband died

My love died very suddenly 6 weeks go - we live in France, only moved here a year ago -married only a couple of years. I’ve been in a daze since - I’m seriously turning into Miss Havisham. I’ve no motivation to do anything - the house is a renovation project (which I can cope with) I’m existing but only just. I can’t stop crying… does it get any easier?


Hi, Sorry to hear of your lose, you must be totally devastated, I cant answer your questions, apart from the crying, its been 13 weeks for my wife passing and I still cant stop crying every day, but you’ve done the correct thing by posting on here ,as I am sure you will get some great help and advice from others that have experienced the same problems, Keep posting and take care .Mickere


Hello @Joolesmck - I am so, so sad and sorry that you have lost your beloved so suddenly. This is cruel and hard. 6 weeks is no time at all. We are all living in Grief Time - a formless, deep and dark void of long days, longer nights, a Time that we pass through, rather than live through. T died 3 months ago. I am not sure it gets easier but for me, it has become different. I feel marginally better able to cope most days now and am plodding along the road. I knew T for 8 years, married for 14 months. The renovation work will help you, give you something to lean on. I am leaning on one, too as well as trying to sell T’s business. Everything is new and weird. You are finding your way, even though it may not feel like it. Hang on. It will be ok.

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I totally get the ‘weird’ description. I felt odd describing how I feel to other people but weird is spot on. I’m in bits.

Hi Vancouver,

How are you doing - I’m now at the 3 month stage - the stage where you were when you kindly responded to my initial message.
Each day for me is so lonely - I have animals to take care off which gives me a reason to get up every day.
Have you got support round you ?