Its been a rollercoaster

Nearly a year on since the worst day of my life… i didnt ever think i could live a whole year without my best friend my hero…my mum. Its been awful… i hate my life now… everything is going wrong. I cy all the time. I function at work but my heart isnt in it. I hate the thought that my mum would be looking down on me and seeing me like this… i know i need to sort myself out…sorry for sounding so depressing. Its just how i feel.

I totally understand it’s been 3 months and it still feels like yesterday. I have not been back at work as l have a knee op to get in 2 weeks. I just keep crying as l want my mum. I can’t stop thinking of her. She was my best friend she was who l needed when l am scared. I just can’t pull myself out this depression. I don’t leave the house as my legs sore but l am now at a stage l need to as l have hospital twice this week and my operation on 21st. I feel everything in life is horrible now and l have nothing to look forward to.