It's been a tough day

You sometimes forget how tough it can be for all the family, when husband/dad/grandad dies.
As a family we are 13 months down this unwanted road and today our son faultered and broke down. He was struggling with losing dad, work and teenage daughter. He just wanted his dad.
The wise calm head of the family that gives good advice and calms stormy waters. How we miss him, the way he could talk and solve problems.
I could only do through my own tears suggest, he hasn’t grieved properly until now and it has all got just too much. Not just for our son but our daughter too.
I have directed both of them to this forum, it won’t solve problems but it will help to chat to all those lovely people out there who are struggling too.


Dear @Debbie57

Your words will ring true with members here. You do forget how tough it is for the family and grief will hit everyone at different times. This is normal.

It is good to chat rather than bottle it all up. We are here for you, your son and daughter at any time.

Take care.


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