It's Christmas Day. Blessing to you all

Hi to all you wonderful people that have been such a help to me, Yes as said previously we made it.
This day, no matter how we spend it will have only one thought and that will be for our loved ones, we carry them in our hearts so they will be with us, don’t forget that.
My thanks to each and everyone of you for being there in times of great need.
Pat xxx


Hi Pat. And to you too. XX.
I doubt anyone will ever know how much help over the past year everyone has been. Coming here and feeling the understanding and compassion can’t be described in words. And you Pat I regard as a friend. Your posts have been so uplifting. Oh yes even on your down days. That goes for so many on here and to all I can only say THANK YOU!!!

I would like to send thanks to the SR Admin. They have worked hard getting the new site up which now seems to be running OK. It can’t be an easy job, so all of you ‘in the office’ have a Good Christmas.

Yes Pat, we made it this far. Last Christmas I doubted I would, but I’m here still. Where the year went I don’t know. Let’s hope it goes on getting a bit better. Just a bit at a time. Bless you, and Season’s greetings to everyone.


Happy Christmas to you both Pat and Jonathan. Both of you have helped me over the year with your thoughtful messages.
Janet x

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