It's our anniversary

Happy 23rd anniversary babe. It’s so heartbreaking that you are not here with me. It’s the 3rd anniversary without you here and it doesn’t seem to get any easier or less painfull. It’s hard as it’s a happy day because it was the start of our beautiful life together. But also sad because you are no longer here. Thank you for all the happy years we had together and for completing me. You made my life worth living and filled it with love. I was truly blessed to have had you in my life. I will love you all my life. You are my heart darling and my heart and soul will always be yours. I look forward to the day when we will be together again. Be happy up there in heaven baby. Just know you are loved and missed and wanted and needed. I hope I’m doing you proud. You gave me the best gift i have ever had in life and that was you. The happiest years of my life were those i spent with you. Be at peace and fly high with the angels baby. I love you my sweet beautiful perfect Irish rose :rose: yours forever xxxxx


Hi casey
I’m sure pauline is watching over you and is extremely proud of the way your coping. So many different anniversaries.
The day we met
The day we married
The day they died
The day of funeral

Not to mention birthdays,xmas , new year it’s no wonder we all struggle. Hope the day was ok for you . Thinking of you x


@Misprint hi misprint thank you. I think i muddle my way through each day. My babies give me a purpose and a reason to get up everyday. This is certainly the hardest thing i have ever had to do. I hope you are doing ok and that your babies are doing well. Thanks for replying to me. Take care xxx


Dear Casey, such beautiful words to Pauline you are doing Pauline proud, they will always be in our hearts and thoughts forever, the pain doesn’t get easier. Sending you love xxx


@jack10 dear jack thank you that means a lot. All we can do is keep plodding on one day at a time. One day we will be with our beautiful soulmates again. Take care my friend love and hugs xxx