It's the little things that hurt

It’s the little things that you miss that hurt, like the first thing every morning my hubby would say Tea meaning do I want one or not, or ask anything needed up the shop as he was off to get his paper, he always turned the calendar over it’s stuck on June now, he always fed the dogs in mornings now there not eating missing him too, blowing his nose on the kitchen roll in kitchen instead of loo roll in bathroom, little silly things oh how I miss him

Linda xxx


It’s always the little things we miss the most. It was always those little things that were the most infuriating too. But wouldn’t we give anything to have them back again. My husband used to use kitchen roll too to blow his nose. He would walk around the house while brushing his teeth which drove me nuts. So many annoying little things. And then there were the little endearing things, like bringing my first cup of tea in bed, buying me flowers occasionally, scratching my back. Oh yes, we miss the little things. We miss our loved ones, how we miss them…xx

Oh and when he was washing up he would throw the cutlery onto the drainer making such a clang but on the other hand he would always go and fill my car with petrol.
He always left the roller blinds crooked in the conservatory - Grhhhh! But he always thanked me when he’d finished his dinner. How I love my man xx


You are so right. For me it’s the cooking, my hubby was a brilliant cook and after he retired, I didn’t have to think about anything because he loved to do it.
So now I hate shopping for food and making meals for just one. I do it but with a heavy heart.
My calendar is still on May. I don’t really care what’s on it.
The only bit of light in my enormous black hole is that in March next year I will become a Grandma for the first time. I am so happy for my girlie but devastated that the baby will never meet its Grandad.
I know that for each and every one of us things will get easier down the line but its blooming hard at the moment.
Sending hugs to you .

The little things that remind us. Well, one happened to me today. It was a tiny fieldmouse. Brian loved mice or any other wild animal. He must be the only person that took food to work to feed the mice.
I knew something was in the conservatory because of my little terrier dog. Bugsy was letting me know something was in there. So I put something down and hence this morning there was the tiny mouse. I cried as I knew Brian would be so upset. What had I done, I am a murderer.

Its weird, but the i miss most from my mum, is her calling me on my phone in the morning

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Sorry I didnt see this thread, I posted something similar.
Linda555 i appreciate where you are at, missing stupid things that used to annoy the hell out of me, would let him do what the hell he wanted now!.

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After struggling with a flipping bolt in the toilet ( get me, fixing things) remembered hubbies voice heat it up, got the blowtorch, it moved! sucess apart from the burnt finger.
Then I started to think about the funny things that i miss about my hubby:
Watching as I opened a jar after he couldnt ( apparently he had loosened it)
Pulling my zip up on my dresses( walk round half exposed now not so good)
Hiding the remote control in a plastic bag in the fridge when the rugby was on lol
The dime bar when he had annoyed me, best one he wrote sorry on his bits, told me the more i smiled the bigger the apology would get ( sorry rude but it was him and it made and makes me laugh)
The list goes on, I have read and felt the pain of losing the love the touching etc, but what everyday things silly or not do you miss. Part of healing for me is remembering the person as the truly were, my hubby was a pain but he was my pain and I loved his quirks and attempts at humour lol. Share and celebrate your lost ones moments!


You have just made me laugh out loud Silverlady - thank you ;))
Cherish the memories…xx


Oh it gets worse he used a permanent marker! The ways he tried to convince me to get it off lol bad man that’s why I loved him so much. Glad you smiled xxx

Thanks silverlady for making me smile, your hubby sounded like a lovely funny man bet you never had a dull moment with him, I’m so sorry you lost him, but what lovely amusing memories you have to treasure,

I miss my mums texts , she just knew when I was having a bad day x

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