It's time to leave

Hi everyone,

I have decided to step back from the forum I’ve been thinking about it for a while. It’s been loverly chatting to you all as we have helped each other on this unwanted journey.

Doug has been gone for 30 months now and in the early days this forum was a life saver for me, I have made some lovely friends not only on the thread “making a shrine” but on the others under losing a partner, and I’m sure that those friendships with carry on for years. You all know who you are, as I’m in WhatsApp groups with many of you.
Please take care everyone, you will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and hugs to you all

Debbie xx


Hi Debbie I at the moment live in Rothwell and many years ago lived in Rushden with my family so with you being from the local area I would love to keep in touch just for freindship and support if you are ok with that if not I understand but I cant see any harm with my suggestion anyway im kenny please get in touch im also on whatsapp take care x

@Debbie57 hi, so sorry to see you go . I know your posts helped me a lot when I first came on this site ( seems such a long time ago ) and yes this site has been a lifesaver, for many of us , I’m sure. You must do what’s best for you ,and I’m glad you have made some good friends on this site. Sending a hug :hugs:xtake carex