iv just lost my mom today

how do i cope with this?

Hi Melgar,

Firstly I would like to express my sorrow for your loss and let you know you have come to a good place.

It is very early days for you, you must be all over the place. I lost my Mum too so please know that you are not alone. I’m sure by now you will have read some of the users stories, we all have our own but we are all here to support each other.

There is no hard and fast rule I’m afraid. You just need to get through each day best you can. There will be waves of emotions going on and good meaning people rallying round to support you. Try not to get overwhelmed by all that, take some time out for you. I mean no disrespect but the last thing I needed was other people in the initial stages. Just had to put a brave face on it and tell myself they are here as a mark of respect for my Mum. Felt this and the funeral was the last thing I could do for Mum and I am so glad I did.

I do hope you have close family or friends to lean on. They will be such a blessing to you. I would suggest that you keep posting and reviewing the experiences of others, there are so many stages or symptoms of grief and you may need some reassurance from time to time or simply just feel the need to vent on these pages.

The warmest of wishes to you at this sad Melgar…x

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Dear Melgar, I am so sorry to hear about the death of you Mother.
Just get through each day the best you can and be kind to yourself. Julie x

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So sorry for your loss. Death is devastating and there is no guide that fits all. Just take small steps. Get through every day, remember your grief is also a testimony of your love for her and as big as the love you shared. Bear it with pride in the relationship you had. Big hugs

Sorry to hear about the loss of your mum, Melgar as you can see others to have lost their nearest/dearest.
We are all sharing each other’s grief and trying somehow how to understand and cope .
I lost my wife on 29th November 2016 aged 49, she left me with three teenage kids and I am struggling but each day I ask her for the strength to get through another day.


thank you for the support

gotten through the first stage of panic right now though im having to deal with relatives witch is both a comfort and a pain
on one hand they save stuff like “don’t hate your self that you glad shes dead, she not in pain anymore” stuff like that helps because while i know that already having that told to me puts my mind a bit more at ease.

then they go and say something like "she was a bit weak in the head"and “she shouldn’t rely on medication” i HATE when they say stuff like that because it’s clear that they don’t get that schizophrenia that’s a problem in her brain not her mind, I’ve tried to explain it but they never seem to get it

melgar, sorry to hear you lossed your mum. I remember feeling numb and like i had flu.

Its coming up to a year since losing my mum.

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