January is blue and cold worse month anyway.
It’s hard to say
But to begin alone
Without my clone
Curled up from wind
Just you I can’t rescind
Meaningless tasks to do
Plodding along without you
Finding your writing again
Like messages in rain
Tears plop and stain
Somehow can’t refrain
From sweet caring from you
How I miss what you used to do


Very lovely

@Enorac so true my love xxxx

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Thanks for replying
Seem to find poetry more helpful
At the moment
Not doing we today
Cross between wanting to just forget about things but cant as all stacks up to do
At least got rubbish out
As sometimes dont even achieve that
Finally got rug clean cat messed on
Cat drives me crazy at moment
Getting in rubbish now
Cant get food ready she sticks nose in
I do not seem to think it is funny
Organisation is a nightmare
Endless tick lists then feel get no where
Endless post covid bla
And bereavement bla
Need to eat decent meal
Or will feel worse

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Lovely , enjoy your supper , you deserve it , best wishes

@Enorac don’t beat yourself up it so hard to keep on top of everything now when you had someone to help you . Sometimes I am shocked at what I haven’t done. I have this terrible feeling that I am missing doing something important