Jayne was my everything,Jayne was the love of my life.

on 10th feb my world fell apart,my beautiful fun loving special lady took her last breath,i was devastated.Jayne made my life extra special,she was everything a man could ever want in a lady.we shared many special times,over the years we holidays in brixham several times 9 years straight and sometimes twice a year,usually 2 weeks early summer and 1 week towards the end of summer.As Jayne was a very hard working lady,she loved sitting on the beach with her kindle,id be back wards and forwards bringing drinks and ice creams etc.we would stay up till early hours,i d wake up and do us both breakfast about 12pm,then about 2pm get Jayne ready for the sun by putting sun block on,give it 30 mins then its out to the beach.it was great spending quality time with Jayne,i loved her completely, i could not love any one more than i loved Jayne.ive had one friend tell me do want Jayne would of wanted and look to the future for your self.well that aint going to happen i found the girl i wanted to spend the rest of my life with on may 24th 1991 and spent 27 plus years sharing my life with her,and as regards the future i cannot see one.all i can see is wonderful happy memories of time my time spent with Jayne,every day im streaming with tears thinking of Jayne the days im going through without seeing or speaking to Jayne and its breaking my heart.my heart goes out to all the posts ive read over the last few days realising that so many men and women are experiencing similar feelings.having lost one if not .the most important person ever to be apart of their lives.i didnt really know what to say ,so refrained from commenting on most as ,nothing we say can ever really comfort those whove lost their loved ones.i just hope and pray i get to be with Jayne when i die,and that every person on here, that as lost their loved ones. in what ever ways they decide to take manage to ease the pains they feel and get the strength to continue with their lives.

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Hi Ian,

I can see how deeply you loved your partner and you had a great relationship sharing your time together.

My wife was such a wonderful special person with a unique character. I too can’t imagine I could love anyone any more than her.
We will have a sadness in our lives for as long as we live. The hope is we will reunite in another world. So in the meantime, we have to do the best we can. Help others and that will help ourselves. It isn’t going to be easy when you lose your reason for living, but hopefully we will find a new brighter future someday.

Take care,


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thank you,im looking forward to being with Jayne,nothing else in this life matters anymore.

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i just hope and pray i can be with Jayne when i die

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