Yep i agree with that too ! People are generally very selfish arent they! Dont do anything for anyone ! You just concentrate on your family … youre so brave @Nori and you have enough on . I went into pretty much denial when my husband was ill … you take really good care of yourself !!! You are having a rough ride and you need all the energy you can for yourself and your family Xxx

Lol … my husband did same but luckily my son in law is a computer nerd and he opened it up for me xxx


@Nori - you are right - others are very quick to judge or give a view. We are all in this together, but all of us are approaching it in our own way. What we decide to do is the only judgement that matters, frankly. I am so sorry you are living in this ghastly situation. I know a little of it, having walked that path with Tom, until his death separated us. Hang on in there as I know you are. You have friends here - we will do what we can and hold you in our hearts x

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Im watching that “my mum your dad” programme…Roger looks really happy…:blush:

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Exactly so all those who were saying “he shouldn’t be on there/it’s too soon/he’s still grieving” should reassess their own judgments. They’re a lovely couple and I really hope they stick together.

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They have apparently said in paper today !!! :slight_smile: