Just a Difficult Day

Sunday are my worst day cos it alway seams a family day, But today I really struggled the weather is not so nice not many people out and when I walk the dog l go past restaurants which are full of family having dinner and having lunch, l am on my own my sons grow up there own lives, one txt to ask how l was, in the afternoon l force myself to sleep to get rid of some of the day, then walk the dog again, it’s now nearly 7 the day nearly gone thank god, so so so tired of feeling so bad, when will this stop, it been 8 months since l losed Michael, the man l loved dearly, please make it stop


I think we all have different days for the same reasons, I’ve suddenly started noticing people sat alone in a pub, or walking alone and think are they in the same situation as me and lost someone, never crossed my mind before. I don’t think it matters what day its named , its just another day without the ones we love and another day to get through but I know even as hard as it is he wouldn’t want me to be miserable for ever so I really try to remember the good times and be thankful of the time we had. Sending a big squeeze your way x

Sending you a big hug! I’m only coming up to week 2 of losing my mum it’s the longest I haven’t spoke to her!!! :broken_heart:

I’m not sure it will ever stop, but it will change. Grief seems to be the price to pay for the loss of a love that endures. But I do believe like all emotions it will become more bearable in time. I too mark the time of day, grateful when evening comes and the day nearly over. They do say that we are never given a burden heavier than we can carry, so take comfort from that if you can. Take care.