Just joined

Hi I’m new to this site, I’m hoping it may help me, the worst day of my life happened on 13th April when my beloved Pete died of a massive heart attack no good byes no last words, we were planning a garden party when lockdown ended the night before. I thought we’d grow old together.

I have been so very strong carrying on with life doing all the things we did together with our friends on the outside it looks like I’m loving life but when I’m home alone the pain is unbearable as soon as close my door I cry and wail into pillows they say time helps I really can’t see it


Sorry for your loss Jac. I’m glad you are posting as this site is very helpful. We can’t change the outcome but we all understand because we are walking in your shoes, along the same awful road.
I have found the support here has become my comfort blanket …… somewhere I turn to when things get tough!!
Like you I lost my husband to a heart attack. One moment we was planning our day, the next he was gone and my world came crushing in.
Death of a loved one is devastating at any time but when the loss is sudden and unexpected there is no time to prepare, no time to except or understand that your future is about to change.
I’m 57 and I really don’t know how I’m going to grow old without my husband.
Keep posting, if nothing else, it’s reassuring to know you are not alone.

Sending a hug xx


I feel exactly the same, I’m so sorry for your loss, hopefully we can draw from this group and maybe sometime help others, take care of you


My husband went for a run, collapsed and died. He was 50. I know what you mean about expecting to grow old together. No one expects such a sudden change to their life which leaves it shattered forever. We had so many plans. Now I don’t plan - what’s the point. Everything I looked forward to and worked hard for has gone. I just plod on through each day now. Take care


Thats what we do just plod on, exist I feel. Some of my days are of very dark thoughts and some days I cope a bit better. I have overwhelming emotions that consume me, during the day I have to keep busy, but when I’m on my own in the evenings I get scared, lonely and cannot believe I loss my soulmate. The mornings and going to bed are the worst, no cuddles from my soul mate. I miss him terribly and always will.
My thoughts are with everyone going through this pain.
Amy x