Just lost my Beautiful Mother, but i cant cry.

I recently lost my Beautiful Mother and my best friend on the 26th of April.
i am totally shattered and Heartbroken…My Mother was 87 and would of been 88 in july…i spent virtually everyday of my life with her and looked after her with my Brother…and now shes gone, and a big hole has been left in my life which will never be filled.
Even though she was nearly 88 and had mobility problems and other ailments, i still thought she would go on into hers 90s…so it was still a massive shock when she passed as none of my family was expecting this to happen.
All my family are grieving and crying, especially my Dad, they were together for 70 years…But i cant seem to cry properly, and i feel guilty that i cant…Im Completely lost and Heartbroken…Just want my Mum Back.
God bless my Mum, and to everyone of you who have lost a Loved one.
Thank you,


I feel for you. I am so sorry. I lost mine at 93. either way, it is never long enough. only an eternity with a loved one is long enough.
I also cared and was very bonded and liked my mother so much.
The loss of my parents I have not recovered from.

I did attend grief counseling. it helped a lot. Group and counselors. You might consider it as you are an island of grief and only those also grieving or experienced are best to comfort.

The world will feel foreign and alien for some time. I found people also grieving were the only ones I could relate to.

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Thank you :pray:

Thank you for your support :pray:

Im so sorry Chris - i lost my 87 year old mum 6 months ago and it felt like part of my soul had literally been ripped from me :broken_heart:

Dont worry that you dont feel able to cry right now. It could be because of the shock you are feeling. Or that part of you is trying to stay strong for your Dad. Everyone’s different in how they process grief. Just go with whatever emotions you feel right now - there is no right or wrong way to grieve, and all of your family may grieve differently - thats ok. Its such a unique and deeply personal thing.

Sending you hugs :heart: :people_hugging: :heart:

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Thank you so much for your lovely message.
Today is Sunday and I would always take my Mum to the Garden Centre as she loved flowers and then we would have a little lunch….so today feels even more heartbreaking :broken_heart:.
I keep welling up when I talk to someone about her but I won’t let myself cry….like you say there’s no right or wrong way to grieve.
I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum, and I hope you have lots of family support.
God Bless, sending you Hugs too :heart::heart::pray:

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I struggle going into the local garden centres that have got clothing because i always see something that Mum would have liked. So many bittersweet memories. :broken_heart: Its such early days for you, just get through one day at a time :people_hugging:

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Yes very bittersweet,
Take care…Thank you so much :heart::pray:


Thank you, I will try :pray::pray:

Im so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how you feel. I lost my 73 year old mum January 2024. Totally heartbroken. X

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So sorry to hear about your mom, I lost my mom in oct 2023 and she was just 57 and I only know how I am surviving, she couldn’t see any of my achievement, nor my wedding, nothing, I couldn’t even make her proud. Please try to talk to people and seems you’ve a great family so be with them, if you want to reach out on DM I am always there for you. Take care

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Thank you for your kind message….Im so sorry about your Mum…and at only 57….Im sure your dear mother was proud of you and loved you very much….a mothers love is unconditional no matter what we do……I hope you find some peace.
Every day is a struggle but I carry on because my Mum would have wanted me to look after myself,
Take care, and thank you again for your kind message :pray::pray:

Thank you for your message, and I’m so sorry about your dear Mum….your right it’s heartbreaking, and every day is a struggle…Please look after yourself, as I’m sure that’s what you’re Mum would have wanted you to do.
Take care :pray::pray: