Just lost my dad

I have just lost my dad to cancer, it all happened so quickly in the end, we knew it was going to happen but I never believed it actually would. I’m so confused and I just can’t believe it happened. I just don’t know what I supposed do, how can I carry on without him and I just don’t want to carry on as normal, I’m to sad to. I know everyone goes on about time healing, but I can’t understand how I will ever feel normal again .

Seems like a clique but baby steps and each hour at a time in the beginning. You get through the day and move on to the next one. I lost my dad quite quickly to although his health as been deteriorating the last year. He caught a chest infection in the end and couldn’t fight it. We were told Tuesday we were looking at end of life and we lost him on the Friday.

Just be kind to yourself and take time to grieve. There is no rush with these things.

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I’m very sorry to hear your have lost your dad. I think no matter what the situation is it’s devastating, it’s just so so sad.
I’m just so confused of what and how to get through it. My mum isn’t ok, they are child hood sweethearts and she has never been away from him, I’m to worried to leave her. I need to pull it together for her as I have taken over the funeral planning. It’s making me so sad as I really had never thought it would be a task I would have to do.
I just don’t get how you can live normally ever again? When the person who was the glue of the family is gone?

I totally feel and understand your pain, my mum suddenly passed away 4 weeks ago, she was our glue the centre of mine my children’s and my dads world, they were married for 51 years and he’s just stricken with grief. Like you I have had to do everything, funeral (wrote and led service as for some odd reason I could not stand the thought of someone talking about her that didn’t know her), paperwork, put their house up for sale as dad has got to live with us now due to ill health, I totally understand what you are experiencing as I am going through exactly the same xx thoughts are with you xx keep strong is what I keep telling myself xx

I hope you dont mind me messaging im new on here but your situation sounds almost exactly the same as mine… i lost my dad a year ago i thought I was coping OK making sure everybody else was OK but surprise out of nowhere I just feel this inner anger towards everybody… i havent gave myself chance to process what has happened after taking care of my mom for the past 12 months I struggle to even look at a photo of my dad because reality hits… im sorry for your loss I thought i would try something like this see if the feelings I have are normal

Hi Nicola
I lost my dad 5 years ago. He had a serious stroke and died a week later in hospital. It was terrifying seeing him. He couldn’t communicate and kept pulling off his oxygen mask. Cantankerous old so and so I was thinking. Turns out he was trying to tell me something as I found out in a letter he’d written. My whole world fell apart. I started having panic attacks and still suffer with anxiety. Now I am grieving for my husband who passed away 3 weeks ago. I hope he has found.my dad. The 2 most important men in my life as well as my son who is my world. Everybody’s grief is different. This site really helps. Please be kind to yourself. Sending hugs💙

Hi sweetheart
Sending big hugs and love I know how u feel i lost my dad a year ago today ( 27/7/19) n it hurts tbh it still doesn’t feel real 2 me but try and remember all the good times u had and if u feel like crying then cry :sob:
I have learned that ur heartbreaks but it still keeps a beating xx

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