Just lost my grandfather

I just found out that my grandfather has passed away tonight.We weren’t really close but he did send me a Christmas and birthday card every year it meant so much.

I did speak to him last year and i hadnt spoken to him for a while.He was so generous even though he didn’t have much.I am glad that he’s not in any pain anymore because he had stomach cancer and he was dying in hospital.It is still hard though.Losing my mother who was 52 last month and then my grandfather who was 83 this month.I really don’t understand life anymore it just doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

Hi startheart
Sorry you have lost a 2 significant person in your life.
In a very short time when you are grieving .

You are feeling the grief and pain most probably make you numb. Keep calm and allow yourself to grief it is long way to go.
Stay in the community. Rest and take care

Thank you.Im hoping things start to feel easier at some point.Everyday is hard but I do try and make the most of each day I do have happy moments which sometimes I feel guilty about but I know my mother would want me to be happy she was normally happy and cheerful.One thing all this loss has taught me Is life is precious.

Hi starheart

Good to know you are doing the most uou can.
Parent always wish do the best in life.

Dont feel guilty it is normal to have a happy moments it doesn’t mean you are not feeling sadness.

It is the grieving process! How are you know

Whish you well xx keep in touch