Just lost my husband I can't cope with the pain

Hi I am 49 years old and just lost my husband who was 53 years old and died unexpected just so suddenly he was fit and well (or so we thought) he died of a massive heart attack had no warnings just started getting chest pain I phoned an ambulance we waited for over half hour for it to come then they were shocking his heart on my floor and doing cpr all the way to hospital but never survived. I just felt numb for the first couple of days I pretended he hadn’t died as that was the only way I could get through it and now it’s hitting me I just can’t cope with the pain it’s unbearable and I cant live without him by my side we were married for 27 years in August we were never apart I’m disabled and he was my carer how do I carry on without him

Hi I’m sorry for your loss of your husband. I also lost my partner suddenly in May to a heart attack he was only 48 so I completely understand what you are going through. You will be in shock I hope you are getting lots of support from family and friends . I am having more better days than bad but I still feel lonely I miss all the things we did as a couple. Please get as much help as you can.
Christine x

Thank you Christine I keep thinking I am having a long nightmare and keep waiting to wake up and my husband Ian will be there and everything goes back to normal but it has been 2 weeks and it’s just starting to dawn on me that this is my life and not just a nightmare that I’m having while I’m sleeping. I feel so lonely I didn’t work as I’m disabled and only have 2 friends and don’t see much of them as they have their own family and grand kids I have a daughter who has mental health problems and autism and a son who is at uni they don’t live with me I live alone now and have on other family my husbands family all live over 3 hours away so I can’t rely on them I just keep hoping that when I go to sleep I never wake up. Diane

Hi it’s still very raw for you I felt the same that it wasn’t real. I wish I could give you a hug my heart breaks for you.
Christine x

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