I haven’t messaged for a little while thinking that I’m getting better but I actually feel that I’m going backwards. My Mum passed away in March. The other day I thought I really miss her voice I feel I will forget what she sounds like so I found a short voice mail from her and I keep listening to it. So I ask myself is that ok. Life is so different without Mum, I do still have Dad which is a blessing but it’s such a difficult relationship. My Mum I talked to her about everything, my heart is broken :disappointed:

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Hello @Katz, I’m so sorry for the loss of you mum. Thank you for reaching out to us here. Grief is so unique to each of us, and your loss is so very recent, so it’s understandable that you may feel you go backwards and forwards.

I wanted to share our Grief Guide with you. It has lots of information, resources and self help tools which can help you explore how you’re feeling right now. I hope it’s helpful. Please do keep reaching out here, you’re not alone.