Keep similing and dont give up

Hello I am Ray 65 years old started with prostrate cancer and now told spread to pelvis, abdoman and sturnam and pos traveled to bones ache all over but keeping a smile on my face and not giveing up ever, I no longer worry about my problems as there is nothing I can do about it, okay, okay, I know it’s not funny having cancer but come on, have a laugh and enjoy life, dont let them or it get you down, some days I think why and then why not?
So believe me when I say smile and fight hard, don’t give in, right think I will get ready for my flight to Mars this afternoon then deep sea diving and climb that big mountain been planning this for years, bye for now every one.

That’s the spirit Ray - Keep smiling. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you.
All the Best, Libby

I did enjoy your comment about flying to Mars - you have obviously not lost your sense of humour!

Could’nt agree more Ray, life goes on, with or without us, so we may as well enjoy it whilst we can. Done the deep sea diving bit…but fancy the Mars me a seat!!

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Hi what a great attitude. It’s something that we maybe don’t think like until we or so one close to us is ill. Thinking of you Carolyn

Dear Rayaxhl

Hello, I have terminal cancer and was diagnosed in 2011 and am still here fighting despite having an appendicitis and pneumonia! Someone was obviously testing me as to whether I was strong enough to fight back and I did.

I so agree with your concept of being positive. It took me a while all those years ago not to be a pain in the backside and feel sorry for myself, it wasn’t fair on my then partner, now my husband and my family. So my attitude changed and other patients within the ward wondered what I was taking because I always seemed happy regardless of what was happening to me. i had the view life is too short to let it pass you by being a pain to your family so things had to change and I try keep a positive view on things.

Having cancer has made me appreciate my life and not to waste it. As you say we need to fight back which I do every day as we cant let cancer get the better of us, or it will take us down. Its not an easy fight but I, along with my husband, like you have things planned to enjoy. I wont let cancer control me, I try and control cancer. Its not easy, but as cancer patients we learn to improvise and beat it back to touch.

I wish you loads of luck in your journey and fight. You are an inspiration to have someone who is so upbeat about his cancer. Thank you.Cookie.

PS: I hope you get your seat on the flight to Mars! And good luck for the deep sea diving and climbing too. :slight_smile:

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KEEP smileing it anoys pepole and they say what you got to smile about …if you only knew, iont worry why because you white hair before you time at least if they decide the injections are not working and try cemo am ok bald now saves falling out. a nd you seen how much they charge for ul brinner style at least mine was free in style


Hi Ray, Romfty, and Cookie,

How are you all doing today? Haven’t seen you on the site for a few weeks, so I wondered how you are all getting along.


Hi Priscilla, Sorry I have been quiet. Lots going on since I went on this Clinical Trial with side effects and all and visiting the hospital so often. It has taken its toll on me and time has flown by and I dont know why. I am still here putting up with the side effects of the trial, sickness, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, tiredness, sores on fingers which are really painful and the like. It wears me out but I try to keep smiling and fighting. Cookie

Good morning every one Ray here alive and kicking, not been on for a while been busy(by the way MARS very good this time of the year bit disapointed no mackie d ) haha well been told by my doc that i dont need to go see him un till june good news.
has any one noticed that when you have cancers of any kind folks think there is nothing wrong with you so why need the help, but i keep saying NOT ALL DISABLITYS ARE VISABLE so walk away fool, we have enough problems with out this so every one look on the bright side laugh have fun try a few thing you would never think of doing(dont mean bungey jumps,tight walking,or swimming the north sea unless like me daft enough to try any thing once, t o all NEW members of this site welcome dont be shy or try tohide your problems we are all here to help all best thing is to talk about it so untill your ready as ikeep saying smile and nuts to the rest of them

Good to hear from you both, Ray and Cookie.

Cookie - No need to apologise. Sorry to hear about all the side effects, it’s not surprising that it’s wearing you down. I will keep my fingers crossed that the trial has good results for you.

Ray - that’s good that you don’t have to see the doctor til June, I’m glad you’re getting the chance to enjoy a few new things. I’m with you on the bungee jumping, though - it doesn’t sound like fun at all!

Thanks for your kind words to any new members who might be reading - I hope it will help encourage people to post and share here.

Hi guys, still here and doing the rounds on the internet…know what you mean about ‘looking okay’. if they only knew eh?. I’m waiting for spring and the warmth of the sun, be great to get out and sit in the garden… in the meantime it’s the telly and the radio for company when everyone else has gone off to work.
My next appointment with the consultant is in April, so can relax until then.

Too right, not a lot you or I can do about what we have, I just think each day is a bonus and grateful for the time given to me, my main problem is on my buttock, it is a complete “Pain the Bottom”, but I just get on with it, have a laugh certainly a joke. Thats the spirit, but dont be like me…never be afraid to “Mooney at your Doctor”, I didnt and its too xx

Hi Boopidoop,

Hopefully some of the other members in this conversation will be along to reply to you at some point, but in the meantime, I just wanted to say welcome to the Sue Ryder Online Community.

I’m sorry to read about your diagnosis, but it sounds as though you have a really positive attitude and also a dark sense of humour! Your ‘pain in the bottom’ joke certainly made me smile, anyway.

You mentioned in your other post that you have had a few meltdowns, which is totally understandable. Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, this site is the right place to vent and share - you are among people who understand.

Priscilla (Sue Ryder community manager)

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