Kindness of strangers

I was up at the grave again tonight when I was approached by a woman I didn’t know. She asked who I was seeing and I explained it was my wife and she died 4 weeks ago and burst into tears again. She very patiently stood with me and told me she was up seeing her husband who had passed 2 years ago. She asked about Janine and I asked about Derek and she was so understanding that the pain of loosing a soul mate was so raw. She was so kind to a complete stranger. Despite anything you hear most people are just nice. Made me feel a little better talking to her.


It’s those little acts of kindness that make you realise you’re not alone.


Hi Bob
How nice that you bumped into that lady. Someone who understood exactly how you was feeling. There are kind people about and we should remember this and understand that the comments that some people make is really them trying to be as kind as they know how. xx