Hi this is my first post
It’s been almost 18 months since my husband passed away. He got very poorly very quickly he was diagnosed with cancer October 2021 and he passed away in March 2022 at just 44 years old.
Watching cancer take over him is something I will never get over. Losing him has changed me so much I don’t recognise myself.
However, I am fortunate to have an amazing support network around me. I have our children 28, 26, 20 and 10. I have an amazing family and lots of friends. For that i feel blessed my heart goes out to those suffering alone , those who don’t have support and those who feel they have nothing to live for anymore.
Your situation can change in a blink of an eye things can get better, this life is never an easy ride, everyone suffers at some point. I think empathy and kindness from others knows no bounds, knowing other people who are going through their own personal hell are here on forums such as this to help and advise others is beautiful :heart:


Dear Lizzy77, I am so sorry that you have lost your young husband. I am on this lonely journey for six months and two days now after being together with my beloved husband for about 26 years from we were 15 years and two months married. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day this year, so quickly that I thought he had a heart attack, but the coroner found out that he had advanced kidney cancer, which was never detected. I am on my own now with almost no support (my friend’s and neighbours’ support dwindled very quickly) and I am on the waiting list for counseling. I am glad that you have such good support helping you through this horrible time. Sending love and hugs.


Sorry to hear about the loss of your husbands. My husband passed suddenly om 8th June this year. I spoke to him in the morning 30 mins later ge was gone. No illness no warning. It has made me feel life is ao short and anything can happen in the blink of an eye.
I feel like everything is standing still at the moment. I get up and go through the daily process try to go out during the day byt not always possible. The dats pass slowly but months quickly cant explain i will never get over why it happened and the sadness is intense at times. I cant forget so i will never be able to move on my life is in limbo
People think i am so strong but really i am struggling behind the scenes. I dint have much support now occasionally phone call from friends have noticed people say they will help but no disappear quickly once funeral is over. I know it us early days 10 weeks so maybe they dont know what to say how to help but it feels bad my husband would be upset if he thought i was on my own trying to fo things. He was such a good man who would go out if his way to help friends and neighbours. Unfortunately not many if these type of people left in the world now.
Anyway sorry to go on but today i wake feeling sad and dont know why maybe because funeral was only 6 weeks ago


Thank you for your responses,
It’s awful to go through something like this and not feel supported I really do feel for you.
It’s hard for people to understand what we are going through unless they have been there themselves.
I’m sorry for your losses too it’s so hard adjusting to life without them but we will get there the one thing we know for sure is they would want us to be ok, they would want us to carry on and just do the best we can. Each day is different for me now , some days I can’t stop thinking about him but there are some days where I’m ok and I know I’ve got this, I can wait till we meet again :heart:

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Thank you for your responses.
You are correct take a day at a time some days are hood others not so.
We need to allow time to grieve and this can take some time and we will alwats grieve in some way. Our anniversary is on 28th Aug 2023bit is still our anniversary and always will be 36 years i will still celebrate the day because it was the day we married and nothing can change that.
Take care