Knowing someone there

Hi i just lost my Dave 3 weeks 4 day’s ago still in shock. I said see you after the operation but i didn’t he had a stroke on the brain and didn’t wake up .i cry every day i feel quity i said don’t worry we will get throgh this .


@Redrose1 i am so sorry for your loss. My husband died one week ago after a cardiac arrest whilst cycling. He was on life support for a week but didn’t regain consciousness. He was able to donate his organs but none of it makes sense to me. You must have been worried about the op and for it to have such a devastating outcome is really incomprehensible. My thoughts are with you. X

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@Redrose, so sorry about your loss, it’s devastating isn’t it. My heart goes out to you. Sending hugs x

@Freefaller, my heart goes out to you too. My partner suffered a cardiac arrest 8 weeks ago tomorrow whilst we were out on a bike ride, he had 2 stents fitted and I thought he would wake up and would be fine but no, he didn’t come back from it due to swelling on his brain. My partner also donated organs too but like you none of it makes sense to me, I don’t think it ever will. He was fit and healthy and we had so many plans. After 28 years of being together we were going to get married. Now none of this will happen and I’m struggling with having to try and live my life without him in it, despite having family and close friends to support me, nothing is the same and never will be. My thoughts are with you x


@LonelyLady , sounds like our lovely men would have survived if they had been given the stents before - a simple op would have saved his life. We had so much hope after the stent had been fitted, but later when i read the statistics of surviving despite having CPR, i would have known it was unlikely. Heart-broken is an inadequate word to describe the destruction of all your hopes and dreams together. Like you i am lucky to have fantastic friends and family but feel so alone and anchorless. Thinking of you too in this saddest of times. Xx

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