Last year

In 2020 it was “I lost my wife earlier this year”, then it became “June passed last year”. In a few hours it’ll be “She passed away the year before last”. I find that distressing – it’s like she stopped in 2020, and I’m carrying on alone into a pointless future.

I thiought that with 45 years together I could look back on our memories, but that just makes me think about how much I;ve lost.

I dread the thought of being here for long enough to say “she died a few years back”.

I thought 2021 couldn’t be worse than 2020 – but somehow it was, and I suspect that 2022 will be more of the same, I just want to be with her.

Rather than the traditional salutation, I just wish all here a peaceful new year,


I understand how the passage of time makes us fearful that we are moving further away and further out of reach from our loved one. Weeks, months, years, it matters not as nothing will distill the true love we had and still have in our hearts. The tears we shed today are as valid as those shed when they first passed away. Tears are a measure of the love we have for the ones we have lost and that love continues no matter what. Time will not tarnish nor decay it.


Thankyou, you understand

dave 170520 . The same here peter died in April 2020 and like you instead of it being he died last year it will now be he died year before last I find it distressing its as though he is moving further and further away from me I carry on in this lonely world with my memories of him but ii don’t want this awful empty feeling. Have a peaceful new year.


The passage of time is relentless…but it is actually meaningless. I lost my partner in 2016…have just spent my sixth Christmas alone without him…but these are just words of speech…it doesnt feel as if time has passed…he is as much a part of me today as he was then. We carry them with us forever.
Take care x


Beautifully said.
So lovely to know others feel the same in our never ending, although constantly changing, walk through grief.

Today is day 35 for me since Rachel was knocked over and taken away frim this world and it feels like a minute ago that I was last with her. Time moves on the outside but on the inside everything is still the same ans the tears flow non stop.


I can’t tell you how very sorry I am for you in your dreadful loss. I know it won’t help, but others really do care x

My hubby died November 2020, I know what you mean. It still feels surreal and hard to accept. There have been many times when I have asked myself - did this actually happen? Time is meaningless in how we feel x