Does anyone know what the difference is in the categories that states NEW - LATEST.

I would have thought that New and Latest are the same thing.


New topics and latest posts. Something like that. I’ve only just noticed! Um…

Hi Sheila have you managed to send a private message. I sent a reply back to a member and it seems it went back to admin. I sent it exactly the way I have done many times, now I’m at a loss as I haven’t found a visit message button as yet. As I’ve said before losing the will to live!!!

Hi Pat, I replied to your message but I found it went to admin too so I don’t know whether I am coming or going. Going to persevere with it for a little longer. There are still teething problems but it is early days so will see how things go.



, I don’t tend to use my desktop or surface pc, I mainly use my phone to access the site, I sent you a private message using the little envelope link when I opened my profile photo, have a try and see if that helps. also, when I click the link in the email, it takes me straight to the forum page I’d set under the old version. again this is on my phone. I shall try the log in on my Microsoft Surface pc and send if there’s a difference. shall update you once I’ve tried

Jen ☆