Learning to cope

I lost my wife to cancer 3 weeks ago. We were together for 20 years. She was my soulmate as we shared the same interests. Its as though everything has come to a halt. I find it hard to cope and dont want to get out of bed nor leave the house. People say move on but how do you move on?


So sorry for your loss. It’s heartbreaking and you don’t just move on and it’s insensitive of anyone to say that to a bereaved person, over time you try to learn coping mechanisms to adjust to a life without them because we don’t have a choice as we are the one’s still here. At 3 weeks grief is raw and a time when we are most vulnerable in trying to process what has happened. The best advice I had was to take things hour by hour, day by day. Grief is very individual but you have come to the right place and are amongst people going through the varying stages of grief and who you can talk to without judgement. Sending you a big hug


I lost my husband 7 weeks ago to cancer. After 2 weeks h to here is no way that you can even think about moving on. I personally think you never move on you just learn to live a totally different way. Take care take one day at a time


It’s extremely insensitive to say move on with life after just three weeks. It’s insensitive to say it at any time really and I bet the ones telling you to move on haven’t lost a partner/ wife.

I lost my partner ten weeks ago. At three weeks I was crying constantly and barely got out of bed. I’m getting there now. Obviously I’m missing him like crazy, I cry everyday, think about him all the time but I’m mostly ok in front of other people and I’m trying to find things I enjoy doing.

I hope you have support around you although I pretty much pushed everyone away for weeks because I just needed to be on my own.


My stupid father said to me 2 weeks after his funeral ! Hes gone now ! Omg … i will just forget i been married to him for 35 years then shall i ? Stupid stupid man ! Im not talking to him now and ive told him to f*** off ! X