Left feeling awaful

I know it’s two years sinc rob passed away but I still grieve for him and felt this past year I haven’t been able to do that. My mum has suffered really bad with her anxieties this past year so much so she’s had to go into care so she has had to give her bungalow up. As I have no siblings Iv had to do the majority of it on my own . I kept saying to my daughter in going to nana bungalow today to start clearing things out . I took my mum to sort through what she wanted to keep. Then yesterday to cut a long story short my daughter was talking about my mums ornaments and things and I said the bungalow is completely empty as I have to hand the keys back in and she said well we never knew you were emptying it until it was all empty and now I’m left feeling awful .
My son helped me now all the big furniture items but she didn’t do anything and I kept saying I’m going to the bungalow . I had two weeks solid at it . During this time Iv not had any time to reflect on mine and robs life together and as I said I feel as if this past year he’s been pushed to the very back of my mine . Sorry for the droning on but I just need to off load to people who understand how we need to grieve on a daily basis even if it’s only for a few minutes. Take car Karen x


Hi @Kazzer,no need to apologize at all, I understand what you’re going through. It’s been just over 21 months fo me, since I lost mY darling husband, but it’s like yesterday. My mind is just lost in time, will not move on, there is nothing I can do about it. My body is here, my mind and soul are not. I just keep reliving that day, whereas everything else that’s happened in all this time, and continuing to happen, is just all foggy for me, as if I’m in a trance and just won’t come out of it. As I I m a spectator watching life go by, but I’m not part of it.


@Kazzer I don’t think there is a time limit on grief for any of us to be honest. Having the added stress of your mum cannot be easy either. I have a similar situation with my only daughter and I know how hard it is when they are not sensitive during this awful journey we are going through. I hope at some point you get some much needed “me time” and you continue to post when you feel you need to offload. We are here for you. Take care and ease look after yourself. Big hug. x


Heartbroken thank you so much for you kind words we have to be here for each other thank you again Karen x❤️

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