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I am grieving and it’s the worst pain I have ever experienced BUT after being on here and reading people’s stories I have realised that as situations go , yes my pain/grief is equal to everyone else’s, but our background situations vary considerably. Never in my life have I met such brave people that are trying to deal with not only their grief but factors outside of this horrible situation but are also having to deal with life ‘carrying’ on and all the problems that brings. I salute you all x


My goodness SL! I fully endorse your sentiments. It’s the sheer courage of so many who carry on and try to make a life for themselves after such an awful loss that encourages others.
Its amazing how adversity brings people together. I have got so much from all the kind folk on here, and to be honest, I would certainly be in a worse state had I not come on.
So lets do a bit of self congratulation. To those who have just come on here I say stick with it. Many times at first I almost gave up, but thank God I didn’t. Blessings and love to all.

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My goodness SL and Jonathan, how I agree with you.
Without all you great people I would have been a lost soul, I have learn so much these past months. I have been encouraged to go on when I have felt so lost and alone. I have tried to give help and this also helps me.
We are all being pushed to the very limit in our grief. having to cope with the loss of loved ones. Nothing can prepare us for this journey and we all have to dig deep to get through it but together we will succeed. A great bit thankyou.
Take care and God bless to everyone.


Guys I have been humbled beyond words on here, some people’s back stories beyond their grief has astonished me from additional loss, ill health, financial, loss of friends uncaring families, so very sad that in this day of science and technology , we still seem determined to travel down a lonely road, well I for one am going to turn one brick at a time to yellow xxx

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Oh yes, The Yellow Brick Road. The Lion, the Tin Man and the scarecrow. What memories that brings back. OK SL, lets begin digging. Let’s get a big supply of yellow bricks and turn up and throw away all the black ones. Lets dance on the yellow ones. Let’s rejoice in the love we have known, and the privilege it was to have known and loved our lost ones. I’m not saying be happy, but those yellow bricks can make a big difference to our lives. Bless you. XX


Hi, I am inclined to blame science and technology for this uncaring society that we now live in. We have lost the art of talking to each other and caring.
I remember some years ago and before mobiles. I was trained to use e-mail at work and told my boss that we would never talk to each other again, it would be written messages all the time. I wasn’t far from the truth. E-mails have proved a godsend but equally along with the mobile we just don’t talk. Women might have been gossips over the garden fence but support was there for each other when needed.


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