Ten weeks tomorrow since my darling died.

Amongst many other things, I find myself unable or emotionally unwilling to crack on with the bits and bobs that all need doing. I’m not totally unable to function, but I only seem able to shift my backside when something becomes urgent, unavoidable or potentially embarrassing. Is this common ?

I think that has always been my approach… never do today what can be put off until tomorrow. I’m saving the cleaning up for a wet day but it hasn’t rained much recently. One of my daughters called yesterday. If I know any of them are coming I usually tidy up a bit (move piles of things around) as I wouldn’t like them to think I’m not coping or they may put me in a home. Or that’s what I tell them. As I didn’t get prior warning yesterday the house was a bit of a mess. I think it upset her and she told me her mother would be mortified at the mess. She was probably right. She suggested I employ a cleaner. I think I’d better set to and get it done one day.

Thanks for reply.
I’ll read it tomorrow, maybe . . .

Edwin, grief hits us at all levels - physically too - so yes, feeling incredibly worn out all the time is very common. It may not abate for awhile either. I remember when it was a miracle if I got the rubbish bins out for collection in the course of a day. Our minds are full of survival, and there’s not much room for anything else. Be as gentle as you can be with yourself.


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